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Horizon Dental Care is your home for all your dentistry needs. We take pride in being able to help patients address their unique concerns and goals with our wide-ranging services. Our team is confident that you’ll find exactly what you need to get a beautiful, healthy smile, right from our office!

Preventive Care

When you keep up with your oral health with preventive dental care, you are helping to avoid serious or painful issues in the future. One part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums is following a good at-home routine, and the other part is coming in for your regular check-ups so we can stop problems before they even start. From general teeth cleanings to treatments tailored to your specific needs, like mouthguards and fluoride, we’ll help your smile stay healthy.

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Restorative Treatments

With years of wear and stress, our teeth may need some extra TLC. Our selection of restorative treatments can correct missing, painful, or damaged teeth so you don’t have to live with a less-than-perfect smile. If you are not sure about what exact service you need to bring your oral health back to tip-top shape, we are happy to schedule a consultation with you to examine your case.

Tooth Replacements

If you are missing teeth, Horizon Dental Care offers three different solutions to help you get back to a full smile. You don’t have to deal with gaps in your teeth! Let us find the right treatment for you.

With modern dentistry, dentures are more comfortable than ever. We offer both fixed and removable dentures, and we always make sure that they fit snugly and look natural.

Oral Surgery

Don’t let the phrase “oral surgery” scare you. We go above and beyond to keep you safe and comfortable in the dental chair while performing more invasive treatments. We also have nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation available to ensure that you don’t experience pain during the procedure. In fact, ignoring oral surgery when you really need it can cause you much more pain!

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Cosmetic Solutions

So your teeth are healthy, but maybe you’re still not 100% happy with how your smile looks. That’s where cosmetic dental treatments come in! Our services can fix the shape, color, and spacing of teeth so that no matter what you want to change, we can find a way to get you your dream smile.


Dental veneers are one of the most popular ways to alter teeth because they can fix virtually anything: discoloration, chips, gaps, and tooth length. We provide two different types of veneers, traditional and Lumineers®, and we are happy to go over the benefits of both with you. Just give us a call!

Teeth Whitening

Everyone deserves pearly whites for a standout smile. Our practice lets you choose from different teeth whitening methods, so you can find the option that works best for your schedule and your budget.

  • One-Size Trays
  • Custom Trays
  • One-Visit Whitening


Having a straight smile can have a huge impact on not just your appearance, but your confidence too. Horizon Dental Care has three revolutionary orthodontics treatments that are modern alternatives to conventional braces.


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