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At Horizon Dental Care, we constantly strive to provide the latest techniques and services so that our patients can enjoy top-of-the-line, comprehensive dental care. Our office is equipped with modern technology that speeds up your visit, keeps you more comfortable, and allows us to make more precise diagnoses.

We use digital X-rays to take highly detailed images with significantly less radiation exposure than traditional X-rays. They also deliver images much faster so we can begin planning your treatment even sooner. Your guaranteed comfort and safety plus quickly delivered, high-quality images means a win for both you and the dentist.

Two other tools we have with benefits for both you and our team are the intraoral camera and the Isolite™ Patient Comfort System. The intraoral camera takes detailed images of your teeth and gums and then projects those images onto a computer or TV screen. That means that you’ll get to see your mouth from the same angle as us to better understand your oral health and any necessary next steps. Meanwhile, we get precise references to use to create a treatment plan. The Isolite system has many functions, including allowing you to rest your jaw and illuminating the inside of your mouth so you can relax in the dental chair while we can work more efficiently.

With our high-tech CEREC® system, it takes just one visit to fabricate and place extremely durable dental crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays. Even better, the CEREC system eliminates the need for uncomfortable plastic temporaries. You can get the dental treatment you need and get back to your busy life and the things that matter most.


Convenient Dental Appointments

We understand that our patients are juggling work, school, errands, and hobbies, and that can make it difficult to find time to come in for dental care. We believe maintaining your oral health is vital to your overall health, so we never want people to feel forced to put it on the back burner.

Easy Scheduling

We are open on Saturdays, so you can still make it to the dentist, even if you’re unable to visit during the week. We also have family block appointments available, which just means that you can schedule one block of time to bring your whole family in for their visit. We’ll take care of everyone at either the same time or right after each other, so you don’t have to keeping making trips back and forth from our office.

New Patient Forms

We want to make your appointment as easy as possible, so we’ve made our new patient forms available for you to download. Just print and fill out the forms, and bring them in to your first appointment to streamline the check-in process.

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Emergency Dentistry

Dealing with a severe toothache, knocked-out tooth, or another dental emergency? Don’t wait to see a dentist! Many times, seeing a doctor immediately can mean the difference between saving and losing your tooth. We leave room in our schedules for urgent cases, so we’ll be able to see you promptly and get you relief as soon as possible.

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