Composite Fillings

Fillings are a standard repair option when decay needs to be removed or a tooth has been damaged. For many decades, amalgam or silver fillings were the standard when cavities were removed or a crack in a tooth was filled. White or composite fillings have been available for many years as well, but they are becoming more popular for several reasons. As part our dental treatments at Horizon Dental Care, we are happy to offer composite fillings for our patients needing tooth repairs.

Composite fillings use a special dental resin that is made from materials like plastics, glass and ceramics. This thick substance is pliable and can be used to fill cracks or holes where cavities have been removed. The resin is applied in layers and our team uses a special light to harden or cure each layer. The composite fillings we use today are more durable than those used in the past, offering a long-lasting repair to the tooth that also is white in color.

White, Natural Color Dental Fillings?

One of the main reasons our patients prefer white composite fillings over amalgam is the natural appearance. Composite resin can be color-matched to your tooth and blended into your smile. It is almost impossible to see where the filling is once it is polished and blended on the tooth’s surface. Composite fillings keep smiles looking white, healthy and attractive.

Other reasons people prefer composite fillings are concern over mercury in amalgam. Although amalgam is considered safe, some of our patients prefer not to use this material. Amalgam can also put more stress on the tooth, especially with a large filling. Composite fillings can be more flexible and easier on the structure of the tooth.

If you need a tooth repair and prefer white fillings to blend into your smile, contact Horizon Dental Care today. We offer many repair options to keep your smile looking its best while protecting your oral health.


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