Restorative Dentistry

A complete smile is more than just an aesthetic asset. You rely on your teeth for eating nutritional foods and speech, as well as for your appearance. Missing teeth affect many aspects of your life and health. With restorative dentistry, you can replace missing teeth, and get back to living your life with a complete smile. At Horizon Dental Care, we offer dental treatments for missing teeth to our patients and help them restore their beautiful smiles.

If you only are missing one or a few teeth, you can close those gaps in your smile with a few different options. Dental bridges and dental implants are perfect for replacing one or two teeth that are visible when you smile. Both are permanently fixed in place, so they look and feel natural. For several missing teeth, dental implants can be used, or you can choose a partial denture for an affordable option. Replacing missing teeth can help support your existing teeth and prevent further dental issues while giving you back your complete smile.

Complete Dental Restorations

When most or all of your teeth have been lost, a complete dental restoration can be needed. Our restorative dental experts can help you recover your smile with our reconstruction options. We offer traditional dentures for an affordable, effective option. We can restore your smile with fixed dentures that do not need adhesive and are secured in place. Dental implants can also be used alone or with dentures for a complete smile restoration. Come in, and learn more about all the options we have available to give you back your smile.

You deserve to live life with a complete smile that you feel confident to show the world. Contact Horizon Dental Care to schedule a consultation to learn more about our restorative dentistry options. We accept many different insurance plans, and payment options are available.


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